Lt. Governor Pat Quinn - Standing Up for Illinois
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FUN FACTS: Illinois Lieutenant Governors in History

On Monday, January 13, 2003, Pat Quinn was sworn in as the 45th Lieutenant Governor in Illinois history. Some fun facts about those who held the Office:

  • Menard County (just northwest of Springfield) is named for our first Lieutenant Governor, Pierre Menard, who served from 1818 to 1822. Menard also was a member of Indiana’s Territorial Legislature!
  • Lt. Gov. Fred Sterling served the longest (12 years); Thomas Marshall had the shortest tenure (one year).
  • Six Lieutenant Governors saw military combat: Stinson Anderson fought in the Black Hawk War (as did Abraham Lincoln), John Hamilton was a Union officer in the Civil War, John Oglesby served in the Army during the Spanish American War, Barratt O’Hara fought in both the Spanish-American War and World War I, John Stelle saw action in World War I, and Samuel Shapiro joined the Navy in World War II.
  • Two candidates for U.S. President (Lawrence Sherman and Paul Simon) were once Illinois Lieutenant Governors.
  • Lt. Gov. Gustavus Koerner went on to become an Illinois Supreme Court Justice and Ambassador to Spain.
  • Seven Illinois Governors and four U.S. Senators served as Lieutenant Governor.
  • One Illinois Attorney General, one Secretary of State, four State Treasurers and four Speakers of the Illinois House also served as Lieutenant Governor. A third of our Lieutenant Governors were Illinois legislators.
  • Of Illinois’ 45 Lieutenant Governors, 17 were named John or William!

The complete list of Illinois Lieutenant Governors, from 1818 to 2003:

Pierre Menard, Adolphus Hubbard, William Kinney, Zadoc Casey, William Ewing, Alexander Jenkins, William Davidson, Stinson Anderson, John Moore, Joseph Wells, William McMurtry, Gustavus Koerner, John Wood, Thomas Marshall, Francis Hoffman, William Bross, John Dougherty, John Beveridge, John Early, Archibald Glenn, Andrew Shuman, John Hamilton, William Campbell, John Smith, Lyman Ray, Joseph Gill, William Northcott, Lawrence Sherman, John Oglesby, Barratt O’Hara, John Oglesby, Fred Sterling, Thomas Donovan, John Stelle, Hugh Cross, Sherwood Dixon, John Chapman, Samuel Shapiro, Paul Simon, Neil Hartigan, Dave O’Neal, George Ryan, Bob Kustra, Corinne Wood, Pat Quinn