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General Merchandise Stores (non-Grocery)

Though stores that sell general merchandise typically use less energy than many other small businesses (because they donít rely on much refrigeration or water heating), they can still increase their profitability by employing energy-saving strategies. The biggest energy costs for general merchandise stores are typically lighting and climate control. Read those sections and see below for energy-saving ideas.

  • Light your merchandise intelligently. Take advantage of sunlight whenever possible by opening blinds and placing products that donít need shade by windows. Why spend money lighting products when the sun will do the job, and why not let the street see more of what you have to sell?
  • After sunset, and in the parts of your store away from windows, consider using compact fluorescent bulbs to light your merchandise. Compact fluorescents are much more efficient than incandescent bulbs and provide good color rendition, which can make your merchandise look more attractive.
  • Cut down on the heated or cooled air you lose through the doors of your store. A profitable business usually means lots of traffic in and out, which means your doors are opening and closing frequently. If you have glass doors, make sure their panes are sealed properly. Make sure your doors close fully to prevent unnecessary air leaks.