Office of Governor Pat Quinn

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Lieutenant Governor Pat Quinn announced the “Illinois Dam Safety Initiative” in June 2006 to educate the public about dam safety and propose needed changes to make our waterways safer for Illinois water enthusiasts.

Dam Danger Sign

In the period between May 2006 and March 2007, 10 people lost their lives at Illinois dams, including 3 sets of triple drownings involving 5 good Samaritan-rescuers. 

Public safety and the prevention of drowning and injury is an important concern, and the progress being made since the launch of the Initiative would help to warn people about the nearby danger at dams. 

With the assistance of the Capital Development Board and the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, the Lt. Governor’s Office launched a study of safety measures at pubic dams on public waterways.  The final report of the study will include safety recommendations for signs, buoys, and short- and long-term structural modifications – including dam removal - is expected in June 2007. 

House Minority Leader Tom Cross also introduced House Bill 33 which directs DNR to create sign standards at dams on public waterways, addressing issues of dams that are not adequately marked or not at all.  The bill has passed both chambers and heads to the Governor’s desk.

In addition, the “Illinois Dam Safety Initiative” proposes funding for other necessary changes such as portage trails and modifications to make dams safer.  This includes encouraging the removal of dangerous dams where the dams no longer serve a strong societal purpose or where the dam owner wishes to remove the dam and eliminate the danger to public safety.