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The Pledge


I recognize the importance of Illinois Rivers in our natural, cultural and economic history as well as our health and quality of life. I pledge to learn more by visiting the following websites or museums in the near future or attending an It’s Our River Day event…

For many generations, the rivers in Illinois have supported life while inspiring and influencing our culture. Ancient civilizations settled along rivers because of the rich diversity of plant and animal life. Thousands of year’s later, people still depend upon the river as a valuable resource. The chronology of human dependence, interaction, abuse and restoration of our rivers is an important lesson for people of all ages.

We encourage educators and citizens today to promote the rich natural history of life along the rivers of Illinois.

Examples of Education Opportunities

  • Educational booths/programs that highlight the history, natural character, and cultural significance of the river
  • Fishing clinics
  • Water safety classes
  • Photography lessons


I acknowledge the role river-related recreation plays in our quality of life, and support the vast opportunities our state offers and the opportunity to renew our personal interest and connection to wildlife and nature. I pledge to enjoy the opportunities at one of the It’s Our River Day events, or to personally explore one of the following river-related pastimes in the near future…

Rivers provide a vast array of recreational opportunities. Hunting, fishing, wildlife observation and water sports are only a few of the activities that rely on Illinois rivers as resources. River-related recreation not only provides entertainment, it also fosters an appreciation for rivers as natural resources.

Examples of Recreational Opportunities

  • Canoe/Kayak Trips
  • Bike Rides
  • Hiking
  • Wildlife Viewing Walks
  • Fishing Tournaments


I encourage collective and personal efforts to revitalize the natural, human, and economic resources associated with our rivers. I make a commitment to be a good steward of the rivers and streams and the surrounding lands by attending a river sweep or cleanup, planting a raingarden or a tree.

For thousands of years Native Americans and European settlers lived along rivers because they provided the necessities of life: food, shelter, water. While some of the resources taken from the rivers have changed; the waterways are no less important in the framework of today’s civilization.

Economics has placed a huge strain on our river systems. Sedimentation, pollution, and altered habitats are only a few of the long list of threats that affect the health of our waters.

Through citizen involvement and conservation, we can raise awareness of the issues and learn ways to protect and preserve Illinois’ waterways.

Examples of Conservation Opportunities:

  • River and Watershed Cleanups
  • Storm Water Drain Stenciling
  • Invasive Species Control
  • Tree Planting
  • Citizen Science


Sign the Pledge!