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In Focus

Illinois River Coordinating Council

The rivers and streams of Illinois have long been instrumental in shaping the culture, communities and commerce of our state.  Since our beginnings, our dependence on the Illinois River and its tributaries have become even more important to the economic development, recreation, and quality of life for our citizens. Lt. Governor Pat Quinn is Chairman of the Illinois River Coordinating Council, a diverse group of citizens, river enthusiasts, and state and federal agencies.

Among the Council’s responsibilities are the coordination of policy and initiatives within the Illinois River watershed for the preservation and restoration of the watershed.  Included with these responsibilities are inter-related issues of economics, flooding, recreation, and tourism.

Over the last 35 years, enormous strides have been made to restore the waterways of Illinois from the effects of pollution, habitat degradation, and neglect, and each step was the result of citizen participation in clean water activities.

Lt. Governor Quinn led the effort to get the third Saturday of every September recognized as Illinois River Day. Celebrate the health and prosperity of the Illinois River Watershed on September 15, 2007. Do your part to be a steward of the environment by exploring the Get Involved and On the Water pages of this site.

A recent white paper was prepared for the Science Advisory Committee of the Illinois River Coordinating Council by Sethuram Soman, et al. titled "Ecosystem Services from Riparian Areas: A Brief Summary of Literature." To view it, click here.

Learn more by reading the Illinois River Restoration Act of 1997, which created the Illinois River Coordinating Council.

Find out more about the IRCC members.

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