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Maintaining clean and healthy waterways requires effort from everyone. Governments must enact progressive policies, and citizens and businesses must act responsibly in using these precious resources.  Water isn't just an environmental issue. It is also an economic, health and recreation issues. At this page you can learn about current issues relating to Illinois waterways and how you can take action.

Economic Development

The Illinois River Coordinating Council has discussed and acted on many items related to economic development, and worked to update the portion of the Illinois River Integrated Management Plan that addresses economic development. Economic and environmental issues are inextricably linked together. For more information, click here.

National Fish Habitat Initiative

The mission of the National Fish Habitat Initiative is to work with regional and local partners to focus attention and resources on the protection, restoration, and enhancement of aquatic habitat, and reverse declines in fish and other aquatic species.

For more information, click here.

Share your thoughts and suggestions on these issues by contacting Lt. Governor Quinn.