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Mississippi River Coordinating Council - Law

The Mississippi River Coordinating Council (MRCC) is a newly created statewide council that will coordinate the implementation of policies on the Mississippi River and its tributaries. The Council will work to review current programs, create new programs, and bring state and federal funding to the Mississippi River and its sub watersheds.

To read the public act creating the MRCC, click here.

The MRCC is required to meet quarterly.

There will be 13 voting members appointed by the Governor, including:

  • The Lt. Governor as the chair of the Council;
  • Directors or their designees of the following state agencies:
    • Department of Agriculture;
    • Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity;
    • Illinois Environmental Protection Agency;
    • Department of Natural Resources; and,
    • Department of Transportation.
  • One member representing Soil and Water Conservation Districts located near the Mississippi River and its tributaries;
  • Six members representing local communities, not-for-profit organizations working to protect the Mississippi River and its watershed, businesses, agriculture, recreation, conservation and the environment; and,
  • Ex-officio members which may represent federal agencies with oversight of the Mississippi River and states who border the Mississippi River.

The legislative purpose of the MRCC:

The Mississippi River is the primary water artery for the economic development of the United States. The restoration and conservation of the Mississippi River and its tributaries is in the economic and ecological interest of the citizens of this State. It is further in the public interest to establish, implement and monitor water management projects run by local, state, federal and not-for-profit entities.

- Taken from Public Act 94-0996