Access to the modern information economy is crucial to every community throughout the state. High-speed broadband technology can be used to improve public safety, enhance education opportunities and strengthen economic development.

Achieving a goal of Lt. Governor Quinn’s Illinois Online: Recommendations for Universal Broadband Access report, Governor Blagojevich created the Broadband Deployment Council and appointed Lt. Governor Quinn chairman.

The Council helps state agencies, local governments and community organizations find innovative ways to make competitive and affordable Internet technology more universal.

The Council includes representatives from state agencies, localities and community organizations. Click here for a list of members.

Read Lt. Governor Quinn's Article "Getting on the Right Side of the Digital Divide."

Read the Illinois Online report here.

For more information about the Broadband Deployment Council please email Carolyn.BrownHodge@Illinois.gov or call her at (217) 557-9469.

For more information on the Broadband Deployment Council meetings please click here.