Standing Up for Illinois - Office of Lt Governor Pat Quinn

Charles Box
Chairman, Illinois Commerce Commission
Designee John Hester

Randy Dunn
Superintendent, Illinois State Board of Education
Designee Doreen Konneker

Representative Connie Howard
34th Representative District
designee Carlos Estes

James Kaplan
Chairman, Illinois Board of Higher Education
Designee Lynn Murphy

Jack Lavin
Director, Illinois Deparment of Commerce and Economic Opportunity
Designee Ray Williams

Tim Martin
Secretary, Illinois Department of Transportation
Designee Mark Kincade

John Mitola
Chairman, Illinois State Toll Highway Authority
Designee Ted Young

Jill Rendleman
Executive Director, Illinois Finance Authority

Jason Bird
City of Princeton
Illinois Municipal Energy Agency

Kirk Brannock

Annie Collins
Fiber for Our Future

Michael Dickson
Western Illinois University
Center for the Application of Information Technologies

Ed Feser
University of Illinois

Jody Johnson
University of Illinois Extension

Herb Kuryliw
Illinois Municipal Broadband Communications Association
Northern Illinois University

Donna McCann
Illinois Association of County Board Members and Commissioners

Mel Nickerson
Citizens Utility Board

Greg Robertson
Globalcom, Inc.

Rev. Bill Samuels
Ministerial Alliance Against the Digital Divide

Deborah Seale
Southern Illinois University Telehealth Network

Terry Sullivan
TECH 2006

Philip Wood