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Green Cleaning Schools Act

The Green Cleaning Schools Act requires the use of environmentally sensitive cleaning and maintenance products in all Illinois public and non-public elementary and secondary schools with 50 or more students.

As charged by the Act, the Illinois Green Governments Coordinating Council worked with various state agencies and stakeholders to establish guidelines and specifications for use by the schools. Please note that the guidelines and specifications document contains both a mandatory section (requirements) and an advisory section (recommendations). Questions regarding the Act or the guidelines and specifications should be directed to:

Eric Heineman
Office of Governor Pat Quinn
100 W. Randolph, Suite 15-200
Chicago IL 60601
Phone: 312/814-5220
Fax: 312/814-4862

The Office of Lt. Governor Pat Quinn and the Illinois Green Governments Coordinating Council do not endorse any particular green cleaning products, vendors, purchasing cooperatives, or procurement methods.

Compliance with the Green Cleaning Schools Act does not waive schools' responsibilities to fully comply with any other statute, rule, regulation, or requirement to which they may be subject, including, but not limited to, any procurement regulation.

Key documents for implementation

Training Documents

Procurement Resources
Please note that public schools are eligible to purchase off of state contracts.

Documents for Alternative Qualification

Alternative Qualification Standards

Links to Other Resources

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