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School Siting Project

Sustainable Schools in Illinois

Illinois was recently selected to be one of six pilot states to be awarded a grant through a cooperative agreement between National Trust for Historic Preservation and US Environmental Protection Agency.  The grant program, called Helping Johnny Walk to School: Sustaining Communities through Smart School Siting Policies, enables a coalition in Illinois to research barriers to community-centered schools and to develop state-level policy recommendations.  The Illinois grant was awarded to Healthy Schools Campaign who will work with partnering organizations and agencies to develop model policies that encourage environmentally-responsible school siting decisions in Illinois. 

To gather public input on these subjects, two public forums were scheduled - one downstate and one in Chicagoland.  Online public comment is also available (see below).  Keeping these public comments and case study descriptions in mind, a white paper featuring suggested best practices and areas for policy improvement will be produced by the committee and presented to the public, providing citizens, lawmakers, and school officials with a useful tool to make school siting decisions that are stewardly of the environment, community health, and economic resources.

New - Executive Summary of School Siting Report (2/23/09) 

Full report coming soon. 

 Online Comment Form


 December 2008 Public Forums:

Agenda - Chicagoland public forum on school siting, December 2, 2008

Press release - downstate public forum on school siting, December 3, 2008

Northeast Illinois school siting report - presentation by CMAP (pdf)

Historic School Renovation - Bauer Latoza Studio (pdf)


Grant project advisory committee:

Healthy Schools Campaign

Office of the Lt. Governor

Landmarks Illinois

AIA Illinois

Active Transportation Alliance

Illinois Historic Preservation Agency



National Trust for Historic Preservation - neighborhood schools initiative

Child Proofing our Communities - a project of the Cetner for Health, Environment & Justice

US Environmental Protection Agency - School Siting