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Science & Arts Academy

The Science & Arts Academy, located in Des Plaines, has an impressive list of sustainable practices.

During the 2006-2007 school year, three weeks of the school curriculum – in all grade levels - were devoted to addressing climate change. Ever heard of the Future Problem Solvers or Adopt a Highway programs? Science & Arts Academy students participate in both, as well as participating in other community service projects. Students are even helping inform families about carpooling options, gathering and sharing information about what families could pool together to share rides!

Science & Arts Academy boasts a number of other practices. The school recycles paper, electronics, and ink cartridges, and families are asked to donate old computers to the school for reuse. Automatic fixtures shut off lights, water, and heat and air conditioning when not in use, saving a lot of resources. In the near future, the school hopes to implement a Zero Waste lunch room as well as convert all TVs to energy-saving flat screens!

The lawn at Science & Arts also has much to be proud of, as the maintenance crew doesn’t use chemical fertilizers and raking is done instead of blowing leaves - blowing leaves wastes a lot of energy.