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Sustainability Planning

Go Green Planning Pro

The Go Green Planning Pro application helps government agencies assess their sustainability efforts, create sustainability plans and track their progress.

State agencies must use the application to comply with the Green Governments Illinois Act.  Local governments and educational institutions may voluntarily participate in the Green Governments Coordinating Council's sustainability planning program.

How Do I Get Started?

  1. Read the Sustainability Planning Guide.

  2. Create a sustainability committee (refer to the Guide for help).

  3. Log in to your Go Green Planning Pro account.

  4. Complete the agency overview, sustainability assessment and plan template in Go Green Planning Pro.

  5. Implement your plan (refer to the Guide for help).

  6. Track and report your progress in Go Green Planning Pro.

I Need Help!

Examples of Sustainability Plans

Agency Sustainability Planning Tool Rules

The Green Governments Coordinating Council has adopted final rules for the Agency Sustainability Planning Tool.  These rules are now in effect.