True Stories and Testimonials

Sara Anderegg was a student attending Northern Illinois University when she suffered a fatal heart attack. Her family started a collection fund to purchase AED machines for her hometown. Today, the residents of Woodstock have a much better chance of surviving heart attacks because of the AEDs provided by Sara's Memorial Fund.

Recently at the Miss O'Fallon Pageant a man collapsed. Luckily for him there was an AED on the premises and he survived. Today, he is alive and well.

“AED's are faster than any police car, fire truck or ambulance...and must be in the hands of citizen rescuers."
Andrew A. Rand
Advanced Medical Transport of Central Illinois
Peoria, IL

“I have been privileged to meet a young boy saved on a baseball field, two young college age girls saved by an AED, two men saved in their business office, and a wonderful lady who collapsed in the street on a college campus. AEDs save the lives of people just like you and me. Without them, these people would probably not be alive today.”
Peggy Jones
American Heart Association
Bloomington, IL

“Living in a rural part of Southern Illinois, time is of the essence when a heart attack becomes a full cardiac arrest. AEDs help save lives.”
Linda Tanner
Johnson Count

“The AED's in our community have provided a great level of awareness and the knowledge and gratification that you can save a life.” Melody Tennyson, R.N.
ER-Nurse Care Manager, EMS Coordinator
Crawford Memorial Hospital
Robinson, IL

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