10:00 AM



Call to Order:  Lieutenant Governor Pat Quinn, Chairman called the meeting to order at 10:15 a.m. 


Introduction by Committee Members:  Chicago Office: Director Jack Lavin Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) & Vice-Chair of Committee; Director Doug Scott Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA); Director Tim Martin Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT); Chris Meister (DCEO); Dave Streiker (DCEO); and Michael Kocher (IDNR)


Springfield Office: Major General Randall Thomas ILARNG; Senator Larry Bomke; Representative Ron Stephens; Representative Dan Beiser; Pat Welch, Illinois Department of Revenue; Fletcher Crews, Illinois Department of Military Affairs-Military Executive Assistant; and Kristy Keeney, Illinois Department of Natural Resources-Legislative Liaison.


Senator Bill Haine-on speakerphone


Opening Remarks:  Chairman Quinn thanked every one for attending the committee’s first meeting.  He stated that the committee’s tasks and duties are very important.  He then proceeded to introduce Vice-Chairman Jack Lavin.


Director Jack Lavin-Vice-Chair: Director Lavin began by stating that the committee had important tasks to accomplish.  He stated that all the agencies involved want to maintain the bases here in Illinois.  It is important to create a public and private partnership to keep the bases open.  We should formalize what is done locally and expand it statewide.  The new mission should be to save what we have and address the issues as to what government can do to be BRAC proof in the future. 


Director Lavin went on to mention the economic impacts of both bases and the Rock Island Arsenal.  Scott Air Force Base employs around 15,000, its economic impact is around $2 billion.  Rock Island Arsenal employs nearly 6,000 making it the second employer in the Northwest region with an economic impact of $1 billion.  The Peoria Air National Guard Base contributes more than $50 million into the local economy and the Springfield Air National Guard Base contributes more than $60 million into the local economy.  The Great Lakes Naval Base is the third largest base in the navy; approximately 50,000 recruits pass through the naval base annually.  Director Lavin also mentioned other smaller facilities one of these is located in Carbondale.


Senator Bill Haine- Senator Haine began by thanking Lt. Governor Quinn.  He stated that these are issues that affect his area greatly.  He also mentioned Granite City’s Price Supply center and its importance during wartime.  He went on to talk about the importance of Scott Air Force Base.  He mentioned he had already submitted a name for the public committee members.


Lt. Governor Quinn- Chairman Quinn stated that the nomination of the eight public committee members would be taken up later in the meeting.  He went on to say that there were two important objectives today, to assign duties to specific individuals and to nominate eight individuals to serve as public committee members.


Senator Larry Bomke-Senator Bomke stated the economic impact of the bases is very significant.  He mentioned that the local organizations are very vocal about fighting the removal of the 183rd from Springfield.


Representative Ron Stephens-Representative Stephens stated that the Southwest Illinois community is very pro-active and is key to have influence on BRAC players’ years in advance.  He stated that local activists have helped in the effort in lobbying the BRAC commission. 


Representative Dan Beiser-Representative Beiser stated that the closing of any base would have a very significant economic impact.  He also mentioned the impact this would have on the school districts.


Major General Randall Thomas-General Thomas mentioned that the Army worked with the National Guard to try and capitalize three processes.  He stated that a lot of work has been done and they that had submitted a new proposal to bring new missions to Springfield. 


Lt. Governor Quinn- Chairman Quinn mentioned the lawsuit that was filed to stop the Pentagon removal of the F-16’s from Springfield 183rd fighter wing. 


Dave Streiker DCEO-Mr. Streiker talked about the lawsuit.  Illinois filed a lawsuit along with other states to stop U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and BRAC from moving F-16 aircraft from the 183rd fighter wing in Springfield.  He stated that all the states have lost the lawsuits so far.  The Illinois lawsuit is still pending.


Lt. Governor Quinn- Chairman Quinn stated that part of the agenda is to assign specific tasks to each committee member, which is an important statutory duty.  He stated that another important task is to submit names for the eight public committee members. He asked if they were any names that the committee members wanted to submit at this time. 


Jack Lavin- Director Lavin stated that in order to chose the eight public committee members its important to look at specific areas that are affected by these issues.  He went on to say that there are a lot of good people to choose from. He mentioned Jim Penakee and Jimmy Morgan as potential members.  Others he mentioned as potential members are Jim Bonsak, Tom Hart from Quad cities, Mark W. Schwiebert Mayor of Rock Island, from Springfield Jean Blade, Springfield Mayor Timothy J. Davlin, Springfield Airport Director Eric J. Frankl.  For the Peoria area he mentioned Mayor Jim Ardis and Rob Parks.  For the Great Lakes he mentioned North Chicago Mayor Leon Rockingham.


Lt. Governor Quinn-Chairman Quinn asked Senator Larry Bomke if he had any nominees in mind.


Senator Bomke-Senator Bomke stated that he agreed with Director Lavin on nominating Springfield mayor Timothy J. Lavin.  He also mentioned Brian McKervey would be interested in serving. 


Representative Ron Stephens-Representative Stephens mentioned Ron Kaybach as a potential member. 


Representative Dan Beiser-Representative Beiser stated he agreed with Representative Stephens nomination of Ron Kaybach. 


Lt. Governor Quinn-Chairman Quinn mentioned Katie Podagrosi from Champaign as a potential member.  He also mentioned Dan Silverthone as another potential member.  He stated that it’s important to have geographic diversity; we should have one person representing each area. 


Major General Thomas-General Thomas mentioned John Hardy and stated he was very committed to Southwest Illinois.


Senator Bill Haine-Senator Haine’s suggested that public members should be non-office holders. 


Lt. Governor Quinn- Chairman Quinn stated that a sub-committee should be formed to nominate the eight public committee members.  In response to Senator Haine’s concern he stated there might be a possibility that being a public official may preclude them from being part of the committee as public members.  The sub-committee to elect the public members will be:  Lt. Governor Quinn , Director Lavin, Senator Bill Haine, Representative Ron Stephens, and Senator Larry Bomke.  Specific tasks should be assigned during the next meeting when the eight public committee members should be present. 


Chairman Quinn then setup a time for the next meeting, which is scheduled for Friday January 13, 2006 at 10:15 a.m.  This will give the committee enough time to set up for the next meeting and get the eight public committee members. 


Meeting Adjournment: Chairman Quinn adjourned the meeting at 11:27 a.m.