Whistleblower Act Information

Standing up for Illinois taxpayers requires an honest and efficient government. In 1991, then State Treasurer Pat Quinn, led the movement to enact a state whistleblower protection act.

This law, since expanded, protects Illinois taxpayers and state employees who blow the whistle on corruption. Through this Act, the government can collect up to 3 times the damages (and fines up to $10,000) and give the whistleblower up to 30% of the collection as a reward for a successful whistleblower suit.

The Illinois Whistleblower Act (amended in 2007 by Public Act 95-0128) now protects employees of all Illinois local government bodies when they blow the whistle on corruption. In addition, Illinois citizens who blow the whistle on corruption can collect the Whistleblower Reward and Protection Act rewards if their municipality has adopted the law. Click here for a list of participating municipalities.